DesBarres Chocolate

We are a micro-batch manufacturer of single origin, bean to bar chocolate, sourcing direct trade cacao from around the world.

We make our chocolate with uncompromising attention to detail in order to create the very best chocolate experience. Using only cacao, organic cane sugar, and on occasion fresh spices or flavourings, our chocolate is pure unadulterated flavour.

 Join us as we explore the world of cacao!

How we Make Chocolate

Our work begins after the hard work of the cacao producer is done.  Before we see the cacao beans, they have been harvested, fermented, dried, sorted and shipped by the many co-operatives we source our beans from.

1. Clean and Roast

After cleaning, we roast the beans. This has a number of goals: chemical changes occur in the bean that change the flavour from the fermentation acidity to the chocolate flavour that we all know and love, it separates the outer hull from the bean and finally, it sterilizes the bean.  

2. Crack and Winnow

This goal of this stage is to remove the hard outer hull of the bean. This can be done by hand but it is very time consuming and wreaks havoc on your fingernails!  This machine is a winnower which, using suction, separates the hull from the bean. The result of this stage is cacao nibs, which are roasted  and cracked cacao beans.

3. Grind and Melange

This stage is where the cacao is turned into something that most resembles chocolate. First, the nibs are liquified by further grinding them. Then they are placed in the melanger, the machine at left. This tool grinds the liquified cacao between two granite plates for 2-4 days, depending on the bean type. Sugar and any spices are added during this stage.

4. Temper and Bar

Once the chocolate comes off the melanger, we let it age. Once aged, it needs to be tempered.  By heating the chocolate to a specific temperature, lowering it, and carefully raising it again, the fatty acid crystals within the chocolate align into a stable form. A good temper holds the chocolate stable over time, limits melting in the hand and produces the wonderful snap of a great chocolate. 


Join us at these holiday


Pefferlaw Creek Farms

December 18th, 2021


12300 Concession Rd 6

Uxbridge, ON

Niemi Family Christmas Market

Mt Albert, ON

We are there every Saturday from November 13th to December 17h.

11 am- 7 pm

Festival of Trees Culinary Market

Sorry, we had to pull out of this market. But check out the two above.

The Mississauga Festival of Trees Culinary Market, runs from December 17-18, 2021. Featuring an array of artisanal food and drink vendors from across Ontario, this will be an immersive and entertaining one-stop-shop for people looking for that special food entertainment item or gift this holiday season.

Friday, December 17th, 1:00 pm-8:00 pm

Saturday, December 18th, 9am-5pm

Visit to Bachelor's Hall estate, Jamaica

Had the privilege of spending a day in April with Desmond Jadusingh, owner, caretaker of the land and cacao farmer extraordinaire.

Check in with us regularly we are always adding new bars and flavours

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