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DesBarres Chocolate is a small batch chocolate maker situated in beautiful Uxbridge, ON, the Trail Capital of Canada.


The Process

Harvest, Ferment, and Dry

At Farm

The hard work of growing, caring for, harvesting, fermenting, drying, sorting, bagging, and shipping the cacao falls to the growers we work with.

Clean and Roast

In Factory

We sort and clean the beans. Removing stones, leaf litter and cracked beans. Then we roast to manipulate the flavour.

Crack and Winnow

In factory

Winnowing involves removing the hard outer shell of the bean. We do this by cracking the bean and using a vacuum to separate shell from nib.

Refine and Age

In Factory

This is where cacao nibs are turned into chocolate in our melangeurs. Nibs are ground for 2-4 days along with sugar for our single-origin bars and fruits and spices for flavoured bars. We age the chocolate after grinding to let the flavours mature.

Temper, Pour, and Wrap

In Factory

Tempering involves heating and cooling the chocolate to align the cacao fat particles making the chocolate stable over time, less apt to melt in your hands, and giving the chocolate that wonderful snap. After tempering and pouring, we hand wrap each bar.

Spotlight: Our Johnson Mountain 100% bar contains nothing but the flavourful cacao from the Bachelors Hall Estate in St Thomas Parish in Jamaica.


Passion for Chocolate

We have a passion for the flavours, the history, the science, the community, and the sheer adventure of fine flavored, craftmade chocolate. Join us.

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