Cacao Juice - 3 pack

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This 100% pure, naturally sweet juice is pressed from the pulp of the cacao fruit.

Not all of the pulp in a cacao pod is necessary for the fermentation stage of cacao production. Much of it is discarded as waste, which, until now, meant not many of us got the chance to taste this deliciously sweet tropical juice. The Repurposed Pod removes the cacao beans for chocolate production and presses and pasteurizes the remaining pulp, extracting the fresh juice.  

Cacao juice is perfect added to smoothies, splashed into soda water and mixed into summer cocktails.

It provides a good source of magnesium, energizing B vitamins, and delivers polyphenol antioxidants. Try some, its bold, bright and delicious!

3 tetrapacks - 750 ml (25.2 fl. oz)



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